Track Your Royal Mail Courier

Royal Mail is the largest global shipping company that offers a vast range of logistic services at an affordable price. But sometimes, users may face interrupted services while tracking Royal Mail shipments, so you can easily use other tracking alternatives to enjoy smooth shipping services. This post will help you learn about Royal Mail, its history, destinations and hubs, and alternative methods to track shipments without Royal Mail services. With the help of alternative tracking solutions, you can stay informed about your package and ensure a smooth shipping experience.

An Overview of ROYAL MAIL
Royal Mail offers various courier services such as international and domestic shipping, express delivery, supply chain management, business mail, Parcel force worldwide, international tracking, etc. Royal Mail based in London serves top-notch delivery services to over 15000 postboxes in the United Kingdom and more than 200 countries worldwide. Royal Mail has become the largest and most prominent postal service provider worldwide and offers a wide charity of services.

The History of ROYAL MAIL
Royal Mail traced back to 1516 when Henry VIII founded the courier company as a government department. The services of Royal Mail were first introduced to the general public in 1635 by Charles I. In 1883, it launched its first parcel post services so people could easily send shipments without hassle. Royal Mail is well-known for offering fast and reliable deliveries, which soon led to its expansion across international borders. In 1918, they introduced their first airmail to offer international shipment services. In 2013, Royal Mail was privatized and became a leading shipping services provider globally.

ROYAL MAIL Destination and Hub
With its extensive network, Royal Mail ensures seamless shipping services to destinations worldwide. The company operates strategically located hubs and facilities that facilitate efficient shipment services. They allow shipping services to more than 220 countries and 15000 different destinations in the UK with the help of their 1500 delivery offices in the UK. In addition to these major hubs, Royal Mail operates a wide range of regional and local distribution centers across countries. The vast network of Royal Mail helps them in providing timely deliveries without any hassle.

How to Track ROYAL MAIL Shipment
Royal Mail is a prominent integrated express transportation and postal service provider, delivering millions of monthly packages to over 220 countries. Royal Mail provides an effortless and quick tracking procedure to track the shipment. But sometimes, users may need help with interrupted experiences while tracking the shipment. However, if you want to track your Royal Mail shipment, then you can use the given alternative methods:

  • Online Tracking
Tracking the parcel of Royal Mail is accessible through their online portal or mobile application. The online tracking system of Royal Mail provides quick and effortless tracking of shipment status without any hassle.

  • Use Third-Party Services
You can also use an alternative option, like tracking your Royal Mail shipments on the online third-party tracking portal. Third-party tracking providers help quickly know the shipment's status by entering the tracking number on the designated box.

  • Contact Royal Mail Customer Support
If you prefer personal assistance, you can contact Royal Mail customer support through their contact number or email. They may ask you for the order number or tracking number so they can help you by offering the latest information on your shipment.

  • Contact shipper
If you cannot track Royal Mail shipments, contacting the shipper's customer service executive would be best. They can help you in obtaining real-time updates on the package's status.

ROYAL MAIL International Tracking
Royal Mail offers a robust tracking system for all shipping services, including domestic and international shipments. However, if Royal Mail tracking services are unavailable, you can go with alternative options.
International shipments often go through customs procedures and may involve local postal systems. Then you can contact your regional post offices to know your parcel's status.
Sometimes, a shipment is handed off to a different courier internationally, so it would be best to contact the customer service of another courier to track the package using their tracking system.
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Basic Courier Tracking Process

Courier tracking is crucial to modern logistics. Order placement is followed by careful processing and labeling. After being given to the carrier, the package travels. These popular status notifications give clients real-time shipment updates.

  • Order Received: The sender's cargo request has been received by the courier.
  • Order processed: The system accepts shipment details and generates a tracking number. We prepare the cargo for pickup.
  • Out for Pickup: Couriers are in route to pick up the goods from the sender.
  • In Transit: The package is en route. It may pass through sorting centers or hubs.
  • Arrived at Sorting Facility: The shipment has arrived at a central facility where it will be sorted by destination.
  • Out for Delivery: A local delivery agent is delivering the parcel to the receiver after sorting it.
  • Delivery Attempted: The delivery agent tried to deliver the package. This status may be updated based on the outcome.
  • Delivered: The package arrived. This status often includes a timestamp and the recipient's signature.
  • Exception: The exception status is utilized for unforeseen transit events like delays, address issues, or other concerns. Courier service will handle the issue.
  • Returned to Sender: If eligible, the package will be returned to the sender if it couldn't be delivered.